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Anyang KGC is a top KBL team based in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province. The origin of the team started with the establishment of the SBS basketball team in1992 and then it was re-established as Anyang SBS Stars with the launch of the professional league in 1997.​​

In 2005, SBS sold the club to KT&G (Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation) for 2.7 billion won, thus its parent company changed. However, the KGC Basketball team incorporates the history from the SBS days into the club's history, putting their cords of those days into the team's history. KT&G named its basketball team KT&G Kites in 2005. However, KT&G moved its 100% stake in the sports team to its subsidiary, Korea Ginseng Corporation, through a board resolution in 2010, changing its team name and emblem to Anyang KGC.​​

Anyang KGC won the 2020-21 Finals Championship title with 10 consecutive playoff wins, something no other club has done in the 25-year history of the KBL. This past season the club finished in second place losing to the Seoul SK Knights in the Finals.

Team History

  • 1x KBL Regular Season Championships (2016-17)
  • ​3x KBL Playoffs (Finals) Championships (2011-12 / 2016-17/ 2020-21)

Team Videos

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