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Team Colours

In 2014, the Taipei Fubon Braves officially incorporated with Fubon Financial Holdings. Fubon Group built the team’s branding with strong ambition and professional standards and started anew in the 12th season of the Super Basketball League (SBL), adhering to the core spirit of "unstoppable courage.” The Braves continued to seek breakthroughs and improvement and finally won the first championship in team history in the 16th season of the SBL (2018-2019).​

The goal of Fubon Braves is not only to win the league championships, but also to improve the overall basketball ecosystem in Chinese Taipei. In 2020, the Taipei Fubon Braves participated in the establishment of P. LEAGUE+ and took concrete actions to promote the development of a domestic professional basketball team.

Team History

  • 1x Super Basketball League Championship (2018-19)
  • 2x P. LEAGUE+ Championship (2020-21, 2021-22)
  • First team from Chinese Taipei to qualify for East Asia Super League (EASL)

Team Videos

Team Videos
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