EASL Champions Week generated significant impact on social media and mass media​

March 16, 2023

3 mins

EASL Champions Week generated significant impact on social media and mass media​
EASL Champions Week generated significant impact on social media and mass media​

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A massive increase in reach was shown across all social media platforms and mass media outlets throughout EASL Champions Week

On March 1-5, 2023, East Asia Super League (EASL) Champions Week took place in Utsunomiya and Okinawa, Japan, where eight of the best teams from the region’s best leagues gathered and competed for the title of EASL Champions along with winning prize of USD 250K.​

The competition garnered major attention from fans across geographies, as EASL social media saw major increase in followers, total reach, video plays, engagement, likes, comments, and reposts compared to the previous week. From March 1 to March 7, EASL's social media account gained 28,174 new followers, and the total reach surged by 276.2%, reaching more than 14 million. Video plays also increased by 251.8% with 8,957,802 views. Furthermore, the engagement rose by 135.4%, with 5,888,182 interactions. There were also 319.1% increase in likes, 835.9% increase in comments, and a massive 2,042.5% increase in reposts, demonstrating the strong engagement with EASL's social media content on EASL Champions Week.​

Similarly, EASL's mass media impact was also significant, with 2,398 articles and 23.9 billion impressions generated in just one week across EASL core geographies. The mass interests of the competition also enabled EASL to engage with 26.1 million followers from 83 influencer partners. Altogether, news of EASL Champions Week generated over 9 million engagements across EASL and partner accounts. ​

The success of EASL's social media and mass media impact during EASL Champions Week highlights the tremendous number of interests that fans in Asia have in viewing the best of the best in professional basketball. With basketball gaining traction in Asia, we expect each domestic leagues will start to see more international audiences in their ecosystem.​

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